Crunch. Variety. Sweetness without the glycemic spike. Yummy-ness. Noodles. Ethnic flavors. Miss them? Almost all is possible with any food allergy but we need to re-learn about old foods and learn about new ones too. It’s an exciting time in food prep and cooking with new ingredients arriving from all parts of the world. And with personal guidance, in your own kitchen, you’ll learn quickly and easily.

Why do this? Shifting your diet and habits takes patience, guidance and repetition. The timing and equipment for food prep can also differ.  When you learn the timing and methods you’ll have good food available when you want it so you don’t end up defaulting to old habits – what defeats most of us even with the best intentions!

Why do this with me? I come to your home, with samples, to start working wherever you are in your skills and needs. We’ll prepare breakfasts, entrees, snacks and more. You’ll learn food prep methods through recipes for your specific needs. Whether that means smoothies, raw foods or bone broths and new kinds of sandwiches, I work with you to make food tasty and fun for you and your family again. Let’s rethink your food together.