Your Kitchen Genie at work

Your Kitchen Genie at work

Your on-the-ground, in-the-home food coach for clients/patients who need to alter their diet due to an allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, health or weight issue:

I am the liaison between your office and ‘The List’ you may have handed a client and their mouth. Every person’s or family’s ability to adjust their ingredients and food varies. As you know, too many have a hard enough time eating healthily before a diagnosis that causes a need to change – and may have a harder time afterward, making their success with you difficult or questionable.

With a referral to me what you and your patient will get is someone deeply experienced in food preparation and alternative diets (vegan, vegetarian, raw, traditional, Noursing Traditions and more) who has been handed those lists herself. I work easily and well with most personalities to clear out pantries of undesirable foods plus re-educate on how to make foods taste great and easy to prepare. This last part is very important since many people will stop their efforts out of boredom or lack of interest before new habits have fully set in.

Demystifying the grocery store tours, advice on how to order in restaurants, including many ethnic cuisines, can also be given.

All of this work supports them in the direction set by you. You’ll have confidence that they are able to transition successfully on a new path to health.

After years of cooking classes, basic nutrition in the ‘Dark Ages’ of the Standard American Diet and a BA in Home Economics, I have modified, tried, researched and experimented with many methods and recipes on audiences from housemates, family members to workshop participants and clients. Finding ways to satisfy multiple palates and food sensitivities at once I have collected a strong base of knowledge to help others learn with bite-size pieces of information to make it all palatable and user-friendly.