Reaching for those gluten-free products? Are you reading the label? How do they taste? Many are ‘bleh’. Or they’re ‘blah’. Others are full of gums or sugar to make up for flavor. You’ve heard there are sugar substitutes, but aren’t they bad for you? Let’s shop together and find what fills your taste buds and body with happiness!

Products are changing rapidly and frequently. Food prices are rising but the nutritional value isn’t going up with it. Whether you need some quick foods for lunches or those times between meetings or want to make everything from scratch, wouldn’t some guidance help to stop your own head scratching?

It’s a new day in many of the aisles. Items are now being labeled ‘gluten free’ or ‘vegan’ but contain other ingredients like sugar to make up for lack of flavor and to keep the cost down. Read this short story and you’ll know what I mean. We’ll dissect labels, check out new foods, discover ingredients and brands to trust, talk about what to do with your purchases. Whole FoodsParadiseMollie Stone’sSafeway - I’ll meet you there. We can also talk about favorite restaurants and how to keep them on your ‘go to’ list.