Big or small this alone can be a daunting and confusing job. With a Genie by your side it will move quicker, be more fun and surprisingly educational. You’ll come away with more peace and sanity along with a functional, organized space.

Why do it? Especially if you or your family needs to be on a gluten free or sugar free diet, there are many packaged items that contain hidden gluten and sugars. Reading labels and letting go of attractive old favorites can be difficult. And if you’re like me, you might find the jar of powdered sugar that was in your childhood home still lurking…and still usable.

Why do this with me? It’s hard enough to deal with ‘the list’ you’ve been handed of what you can and cannot eat.  To then take on your pantry can toss one’s time, energy and humor out the window. Yes I cost money but in the end you’ll have a clear, labeled, functioning pantry plus a shopping list that supports your new ways. I’ll also learn about you and your family plus be able to suggest cleaner, tastier alternatives to many foods. I’ll move your old goods on if needed. You’ll have enthusiasm to keep going!


Let’s get dusty together!

Fine print: Depending on the size of your pantry and family, this can take anywhere from two to five hours.