Home economics major. Japanese-American sansei (“third generation”). Hula dancer (think Hawai’i, not hoop). Loves variety, simplicity, complexity in life and food. Gemini. Looks younger than she is. Recovering perfectionist. Smart cookie whose competency sometimes gets in her way. Former Girl Scout and cheerleader. Road biker. Athlete. Photographer. ‘Off center’ in her perspectives and off the cuff in her humor and photography. Housemate extraordinaire with whom many want to live. Good friend blessed with many amazing loving friends.

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Recipes don’t daunt me. I love to learn new methods, about new foods and to try recipes out. Especially those that are so simple they’re a ‘DUH’ and others that have layers of flavor, texture and color. At the moment I am about 50% raw, 80% vegan and 20% pure carnivore in my diet. I live in a community household of ten in Marin County, California. Unusual but it makes life livelier than living on my own or with one other. With that comes opportunities for me to try new foods (especially super foods), experiment plus learn how to separate or substitute out ingredients that don’t agree with everyone.

Visit my ‘Life as a Genie’ blog to learn more about food, recipes, life topics and learnings that may be useful for you too and give you a chuckle. These are tidbits, not dissertations, so checking them out is (mostly) quick. Give me a shout and let’s meet soon to work in your kitchen.Genie Ohashi at the Russian River

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