Sitting in the Right Place

Sitting at Lydia’s Organics Sunflower Center in Petaluma, CA, listening to a diverse collection of music, listening to first-timers coming in finding out what raw and vegan food is about, it’s exciting to watch thoughts go by in my mind as I contemplate where life is right now. Sitting in just the right place.

I just finished two weeks of photography and food clients plus began the real work on my website. After years of working with others on theirs, very happily and gratefully, it’s time for my own with my voice and perspectives. To get out more often from behind the computer into others’ lives and homes to help them move forward, learn, have fun and get what they need in the kitchen, health, food, love and work.

Me Ra Koh, Karen Buckley, Fay Freed, The Wisdom Connection, Ruth Schwartz (aka The Wonderlady, which she is), I thank you deeply for the work, training and coaching you’ve generously provided to me. To Jarman Massie and my partner/love in life, Lauren Campbell with their 21day Reset Program, oodles of gratitude for the multitudes of conversations and training in superfoods, supplementation, athletics, biking and nutrition. Without all of you, this Renaissance Period might have been a Victorian era instead.