Oh It’s Vegan All Right

Lauren, boyfriend extraordinaire, on his trip to San Diego to drop off his even more extraordinary daughter, Bonnie, for her sophomore year at college.

A number of magical events happen along the way (car breakdowns that turn into miraculous repairs by generous folks on a Sunday afternoon). One of those is having his alternator replaced on a Sunday afternoon in only two hours in Bakersfield.

Not the point of the story however. There’s still a whine so he goes into the local Pep Boys (where the part came from) for a free replacement on Monday. To kill the next four hours he walks the hood. After hours of car dealerships, fast food joints, uninteresting shops (to him at least :) ), he comes across ‘Loving Hut’ – a vegan cafe! Mostly a raw food guy, he perks up and marches in with a BIG grin. Saved!

Reads the menu. It’s mostly cooked foods, not for him. He spies a cold drink, “Go Green Delight”. Yum. Asks what’s in it. “Orange juice, 7-Up and mint.” Yep, vegan (meaning no meat, no dairy). Good for you? Your choice. Here’s a healthier Green Delight recipe.

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