There IS life (and taste) with a food allergy...

Your health practitioner gives you the news: you're gluten intolerant. Or allergic to dairy products, sugar, wheat, whole categories of related and unrelated foods. You get the list. You know, the one that says what you need to avoid and what you can eat. No problem yet? Well, maybe until you get to breakfast or lunch or dinner a week or so later.

You begin to feel better but your taste buds and mind are beginning to complain. What about that 'crunch'? I need some variety! Harder yet, your family begins to whine and say these dreaded words, "I don't like this. Do we have anything GOOD to eat?". And in spite of how you feel, you're looking for outs and may begin to slide back.

Health Practitioners: I act as the implementation team between your office and a client/patient's mouth. Every person's...(click to read on)